Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7mm Remington Magnum Long Range Hunter

This is Perhaps my favorite looking rifle so far. It is built on a Blue Printed Remington action, Brux #4 barrel, Shuler brake, McMillan/Holland stock with re-sprung original Remington trigger. All Cerakoted graphite black with white cerakote flutes on the bolt body. I think it looks pretty cool. Topped of with Talley light rings and Nightforce.


  1. Hey Evan I subscribed to your posts to check out all the neat stuff you are working on, excellent job on these rifles. They look top notch! My favorite look is when the flutes are black and the rest is stainless. I look forward to seeing more of your phenomenal work in many of my favorite calibers.

  2. Love this rifle is shoots very well. My uncle purchased it and I had the pleasure of reloading for it. Still shoots great and is very well balanced. Excellent job!