Friday, July 3, 2015

Custom 7mm Surgeon action

Long range hunter

338 sl-EDGE Hammer

The owner of  this BIG beauty was making shots at a mile and 2100 yards. Talk about a long range slayer. With 300 grain Bergers.

Custom 19 Badger CZ 527

This little 19 cal wildcat is SO fun to shoot

Custom AR 15 Cerakoted in Burnt Bronze and Beret Green

Custom 7 mag. built on a Weatherby Vanguard action

Great long range hunter

Custom CZ 527 Sunset Laminate 20 VarTarg

Super fun little shooter. Small game cartridge. Extremely accurate and no recoil.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

243 A.I. Now Sports All Black Cerakote

This little beauty joined us on the long range shoot. Highly accurate with 105 grain Bergers.
Still have this one and it is for sale.