Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My newest rifle built to date is this target rifle. Very fun to shoot because it's so accurate. Built on a Mcrees Platform that was cerakoted orange with black webbing and clear coated. The action is a Defiance short action repeater with Jewell trigger and an 8.5 twist Bartlien barrel. Topped with Defiance 20 MOA rail and a Nightforce 5.5x22-56. Had this at the range a couple of times and had lots of questions, even a couple of guys getting photos. Fun to meet other shooters and learn from them. Second time we have chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor and the first one I've targeted. Very enjoyable and accurate. Take a look at my first groups with this rifle, each five shot groups. The bottom one is the latest group. I know it can shoot better than I can. Now has about ~30 rounds through it. A bit different but fun.


  1. As a target shooter, I enjoy the science and craft required for long range shooting. While I am still new to target shooting, firing at 1000+ yards gets my blood flowing. I have a masterpiece chambered in everything from .416 Ruger to 8mms, but I will give this piece of yours a try, it seems to be more capable than mine. Thanks for the great review. The following post has also been resourceful:

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