Thursday, June 26, 2014

Custom Coyote / 17 Tac

This is my latest creation in a full custom carrying calling rifle. It's a 17 Tactical built on a Stiller Predator action, Lilja barrel, Brux skip flute fluted, PTG bottom metal, Jewell trigger, Holland/McMillan stock, Talley light weight rings, and Leupold long range 6.5x20 with varmint reticle. Coted with Cerakote in Graphite Black.







  1. This is an amazing rifle. I hope its shots are spot on accuracy with the included scope. Currently, what I need a lightweight and easy to use varmint rifle. I found additional suggestions here:

  2. Wow really it's incredible and very excellent rifle with this scope. All of the scopes that you have mentioned will satisfy our budget, however may also come up with crystal clean sight and precision so that you can get your target each single time. If you hunt regularly, this is a good choice for a reliable, long-variety scope.

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